Friday, 15 May 2009

OMC 'How Bizarre'

Chart Peak: 5


Well, not very bizarre actually. I suppose the fact that this is (apparently) the highest-charting single by a New Zealand act in the UK is potentially surprising, but not really all that bizarre. Perhaps they're referring to the fact that Pauly Fuemana thinks he can sing; I certainly remember having a good old laugh impersonating that vocal style.

Singing aside, 'How Bizarre' is a fairly amiable bit of fluff, which obviously aims to be a shaggy-dog story but the premise isn't really interesting enough: Pauly and two of the other members of OMC go for a drive in his car, see a poster for a circus, and find out that the elephants have already gone away or something. So when he reaches the punchline "Wanna know the rest? Hey - buy the rights!" I actually don't particularly care whether they tell me the end of the story. The other problem with this joke is that it's barely half-way through the song, so there's a lot more accordion and repetition of the chorus to come before the song finally ends. I can see how this charmed people around the industrialised world, but I don't think I'll be joining in.

Available on: Greatest Ever Nineties

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