Thursday, 28 May 2009

Matt Bianco 'Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed'

Chart Peak: 15


And just as Now 2 was starting to feel like a hard slog, we at least come upon a less over-familiar record. Indeed, I didn't think I'd heard it before at all, but once I heard it, I thought it wasn't entirely new to me. I remember Matt Bianco mainly for the later line-up that recorded such hits as 'Wap-Bam Boogie' (oddly, put onto YouTube by somebody called "death2hiphopnRnB") but this debut hit is from the original trio (including Basia) when they were trying to sound like a jazz band. Indeed it's part of that whole subset of eighties pop hits that are striving to pastiche earlier music but are now unmistakeably of their time.
Wikipedia says this was the theme tune to children's morning TV in New Zealand. That can't be where I heard it, but I can see it has that vibe about it, and not only in the title. Indeed, one commenter compared it to the theme from Chucklevision.
It's a near-instrumental track, with few actual words other than the title phrase. Where it seems to fall down is the slight mismatch between the improvisational feel of the scat-singing and vamping and the more prepared feel of the production (by Peter Collins, who also did the Nik Kershaw track) which lacks spontaneity and lightness of touch. It's a laugh but not quite fun.

Available on:The Best of Matt Bianco: Platinum Collection

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