Thursday, 14 May 2009

Everything But The Girl 'Wrong'

Chart Peak: 8


Yes, this is another one that's fallen foul of Warner Music Group, although at least in this case they actually did release the record in the US. Not in Britain, though, where they'd just left for Virgin when their last Blanco Y Negro single, the Todd Terry remix of Missing, became the biggest hit of their career. 'Wrong' was the second Top Ten single from their label debut Walking Wounded and reflects their conversion to dance music, albeit a relatively low-key form thereof. It's an interesting idea to combine the beats of Drum & Bass with the typically mellow sound of the band and the distinctive voice of Tracy Thorn, but in practice something doesn't totally seem to gel: there isn't quite enough drama or tension to make it really count. A bit less good than I remember it really.

Also appearing on: Now 21, 32
Available on: Walking Wounded

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