Friday, 13 February 2015

Mel And Kim 'Get Fresh At The Weekend (Showing Out)'

Chart Peak: 3
Charted at No. 67 on 16th September, crawled at first but had started to move by 28th October by which time it was No. 24
The debut hit from the sisters and an early Now appearance for a Stock Aitken Waterman production (though certainly not the first) and it seems to be an almost perfect example of the SAW songwriting/production style. Although it's not quite as strident as the follow-up 'Respectable', it's got the same sort of lyrical focus on mild rebellion and hedonism, plus the famous stuttering vocal effect that sounds a bit like they're trying to pack the familiar excitement of a 12" remix into a 7" edit. Conversely, there's very little bass on the track, which was one of Waterman's famous strategies. Annoying as it could get to hear too many records that sounded like this, it is in retrospect one of the best examples of the formula.

Also appearing on: Now 11
Available on: That's The Way It Is - The Best Of Mel & Kim

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