Thursday, 26 February 2015

Big Country 'One Great Thing'

Chart Peak: 19
Charted at No. 27 on 16th September, made No. 19 the following week becoming the group's third Top 30 single of 1986.
In contrast to Huey Lewis, Big Country are an act that I do associate with Now albums, because even though they're only actually on four of them those appearances have increased the number of Big Country songs I'm familiar with to a significant extent. 'One Great Thing' sounded only glancingly familiar if that, probably because it was used in beer adverts on the telly at the time (and obviously those weren't scheduled during children's programmes) but it's fairly typical stuff, forceful Celtic rock with a uplifting positive lyrical message. Exactly the sort of thing I tend to regard with suspicion but weirdly I find myself quite liking this one. And I've even played it more than once so it can't just be that it caught me on the right day.

Perhaps ironically, given its seemingly anti-nationalist sentiment, the song was used as part of the Scottish independence campaign after Stuart Adamson's death. The band kept recording into the 1990s and a version continues to exist even now, releasing a new album with Mike Peters from the Alarm on vocals in 2013. Better to remember them this way though.

Also appearing on: Now 2, 4, 7
Available on: The Seer

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