Friday, 1 November 2013

Wozani ' Working For Changes'

Chart Peak: none in the UK

Right at the very end of the album the one authentically local act, and the one track that doesn't seem to be available as a download. Recorded in Johannesburg but mixed in Leeds of all places, 'Working For Changes' is by all available accounts a fairly typical example of the band's combination of rock and African sounds - though the structure is purely rock and the production very much of its time, there's a consistent chanted motif that gives some clue where they were from.

The lyric, too, is the only one on this album to address current events directly, if vaguely. To give credit where it's due, telling people to ignore skin colour was a pretty radical statement there not long before and there's something pleasant about this. You can imagine it might have sounded better live without the overproduction though.

Here ends the South African Now 14, a blogging experiment that I don't think has entirely worked, but I'm keen to get back into the saddle with a UK album, probably next week.

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