Monday, 18 November 2013

Will Young 'Changes'

Chart Peak: 10


Will made a welcome return to the UK chart in September 2008 with the Top 10 hit 'Changes'... The track has been described as "a sweeping burst of contemporary pop that perfectly showcases Will's soulful vocals".

That quote may not have come from an entirely unbiased source, you know. I suppose Will Young was arguably meeting James Morrison from the other direction; he had of course started out as a talent-show winner who scored the fastest-selling single of the century but wasn't taken at all seriously. Six years later he had with some success carved out a career for himself as a singer of quality MOR, although his attempts to branch out from ballads were met with mixed response. Now he was working with most of the same writers and producers as Morrison (Eg White in this case) and creating a faintly similar sort of music.

The odd thing is, though, that I like this song a lot more than I liked 'You Make It Real'. I suppose I warmed more to Young than Morrison, even though Young has probably made more music that I actually dislike. Perhaps there's a humble quality that other singers seem to lack (on record, not necessarily in real life), or maybe he just retained more of his pop sensibility. Either way, this song has an undeniably brilliant chorus that makes me fond of it whoever's on vocals. Resistance would be futile.

Also appearing on: Now 57, 62, 63, 64, 80
Available on: Let It Go

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