Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dominoe 'Keep The Fire Burning'

Chart Peak: none in the UK

Only by the penultimate track do we finally encounter an act I'd never heard of before. I did assume Dominoe were a local South African act, but it turns out that they were actually German - and FAO connection fans, the album this comes from was produced by Harold Faltermeyer, who also produced the Pet Shop Boys track on this album.

'Keep The Fire Burning', not the only song of that title, is the sort of turgid rock ballad that was already sounding dated in the early 1990s, and if it was even released over here at the time nobody cared - it might actually have fared better in 2001 than 1991. It reminds me especially of Chicago at their dullest. Perhaps the title particularly caught the attention of people in the changing SA, or maybe they were just a bit behind the times. Either way it has little to offer us now.

Available on: The Key

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