Monday, 28 October 2013

Pet Shop Boys 'Being Boring'

Chart Peak: UK 20
You kind of imagine that the Pet Shop Boys would have liked to be on more Now albums than they actually are. 'Being Boring' isn't among their ten UK appearances in their own right - I'd be tempted to mention that it was because it only got to 20 (unusually low at that point in their career) but then again three of their Number Ones didn't make it either.

The song is very much a fan favourite though, beloved enough to have its own website. Lyrically, it's Neil Tennant on excellent form and unusually emotionally open: he tells part of his life story and refers obliquely but unmistakably to the AIDS crisis. Indeed the song is about a friend of his who died young although I'm not sure that was public knowledge at the time. Of course being the PSBs they can't do the song without some trace of in-jokes, hence the song title which mocks their own reputation. Unfortunately, the music threatens to come a bit close for comfort once or twice - it's a little too slow, a little too polished, a bit too long (the version here is six minutes, which is shorter than the album version but longer than the 7" edit) but it's just about emotional enough (in a very British, guarded way) to get away with it.

Available on: Behaviour

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