Sunday, 27 October 2013

Malcolm McLaren and the World Famous Supreme Team Show 'Aria On Air'

Chart Peak: Did not chart in the UK

As far as I can tell, this track was never released as an A-side in the UK, but was a popular B-side to his not-very successful single 'Operaa House'. Though this title meant nothing to me, I recognised the track instantly as the theme song of a 1989 British Airways commercial - it's an updated mix of the Flower duet, a more conventional recording of which had charted in 1985 from another advert.

Although it's questionable how much he personally contributed to them, McLaren had made rather a name for himself as a solo artist by bringing together disparate forms and turning them into a pop hits. But this point his commercial appeal had waned somewhat and to be honest the idea was starting to seem a little tired. It seems even more so now and in all honesty this isn't really that entertaining without the visuals. At least he doesn't do any vocals I suppose.

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