Thursday, 17 January 2013

Paul Weller 'Out Of The Sinking'

Chart Peak: 16 [original version 20 in 1994]

YouTube [original version]
'Out Of The Sinking', with its Steve Marriott influence to the fore, was originally a Top 20 success for Paul in November 1994... It is re-activated as part of a special limited edition single package on 26th February 1996.
To be precise, the version that chart in 1996 (and features here) is the album version, rather than the original 1994 single: it's reworked with a new lead vocal from Weller and a prominent backing vocal from Carleen Anderson. By accident or design, Universal have uploaded only the original video to the usual websites, and of course blocked all other uploads so the more famous version is actually the more elusive one online, though it can be heard on Spotify if you use that. As for the "special" single, it had a shiny cover but was otherwise remarkable only for the fact that it was released only for a short period in a successful attempt to frontload sales and score a higher peak position during its one week in the Top 40.

The song itself is one I've always liked but never been entirely bowled over by. As a single from the Stanley Road album I'd probably have chosen the title track, but this does have a certain energy to it, and the rhythm playing is outstanding. The lyric, though difficult to hear, is a slightly awkward attempt to sound mystical and poetic, which doesn't entirely play to his strengths. But he does sing it with a gritty determination, especially on this second version. The subtle use of phasing and dub-influenced effects in the mix make this seem almost like a bridge between the 1993 Wild Wood album and the more straightforward rock style of most of Stanley Road.

Also appearing on: Now 25, 32, 34, 70
Available on: Stanley Road

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