Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Meat Loaf 'Not A Dry Eye In The House'

Chart Peak: 7

'Not A Dry Eye In The House' was another UK Top 10 smash for Meat... It was written by top songwriter Diane Warren and peaked at No. 7 in January 1996.
Unlike most singles that peaked at such levels in 1996, 'Dry Eye' didn't enter at that level - it started its chart career outside the Top 20 and swooping up 16 places after he performed it on the National Lottery draw (note for overseas readers: the UK lottery was only launched in 1994 so the novelty had yet to wear off then) and for a while that show became the top promotional appearance every pop star wanted, rather like X-Factor is now. Although the chart performance was unusual (at the time), the record is less so, a retread of the not-exactly-original formula of his previous single 'I'd Lie For You' (also written by Warren). It seems somehow caught between Loaf's typical desire to present something immensely dramatic and Warren's one-dimensional composition.

Also appearing on: Now 26, 27, 32, 65
Available on: Welcome To The Neighbourhood

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