Thursday, 10 January 2013

Enya 'Anywhere Is'

Chart Peak: 7

Enya has sold millions and millions of records around the world and is therefore fantastically popular... 'Anywhere Is' was a huge No.7 UK hit in November 1996. {sic}
Am I the only one who detects a slightly passive-aggressive tone in that sleeve note? And yes, this is the fourth track in a row to have peaked at 7 in the chart. I don't know if there's some hidden message there. Her last major hit single in the UK (other than by the means of sample), 'Anywhere Is' ranks among her most crossover-friendly tracks, so much so that even I quite like it, perhaps a cousin to her breakthrough hit 'Orinoco Flow'.  Not only is it in English, but the vocals are relatively high in the mix and intelligible. That's a slight disadvantage when she sings "the waves they keep on waving", admittedly. The music combines her familiar ethereal style with more strident piano-led sections whose time signature strangely reminds me of glam rock. It's a rare example of a track where the verses are the hook, rather than the chorus.

Also appearing on: Now 20, 23, 59 [Pirates feat. Enya, Shola Ama, Naila Boss & Ishani]
Available on: The Memory Of Trees

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