Thursday, 15 December 2016

Divine Inspiration 'The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand)'

Chart Peak: 5
Paul Crawley, Lee Robinson, Dave Levin and Sarah-Jane Scott are the anthemic trance producers Divine Inspiration... Sarah-Jane's uplifting vocals on 'The Way', one of the biggest club tracks of the year which crossed over to the national Top 5 in January 2003.
Another big radio record from 2003, and since it was released in early January, we would have been hearing it at the end of 2002 as well. In fact Paul Crawley commented on that YouTube video that the song was originally written (presumably in its instrumental form) as early as 1999. Funnily enough, the back cover of the single even advertises a forthcoming DJ Sammy single, which would logically have been 'Boys Of Summer'.

So I thought I remembered the song until I tried to recall it just before looking up the YouTube link and then realised I didn't. At least it sounded familiar eventually, though I still think I remember the jokes people made about the title more than the song itself, which is solid but oddly unvarying over the three minutes of the radio edit. I can see why this was appealing to genre fans but not quite enough to win me over. The act folded after a couple of less successful singles.

Available on: House Party 2011

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