Thursday, 6 November 2014

Paula Abdul 'Straight Up'

Chart Peak: 3
A former American No. 1 single... Released in Britain on 20th February 1989.
I was slightly surprised to discover that 'Straight Up' was not in fact Paula Abdul's debut single in the UK or US; she'd even made a Top 100 appearance with 'Knocked Out' in 1988, a song that had to be re-issued twice before it finally made the Top 40. It's was certainly her first proper hit though, the start of a massive (if not very long) run of success in her homeland. It's possibly been slightly overshadowed by one or two of her other songs here, but it's surprisingly enjoyable and has aged better than the Robin Beck track. To be honest, it sounds as much like a rock track, thanks to its booming drums. Only the cheap synthesised brass section seems truly dated, and even that gets some credit for not pretending to be the real thing. "Don't want to get my love caught in the slamming door" is an odd metaphor too. There's nothing truly brilliant going on here but it gets a long way on energy and charm.

Also appearing on: Now 17, 20, 21
Available on: Greatest Hits

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