Monday, 10 November 2014

Climie Fisher 'Love Like A River'

Chart Peak: 22
Their 5th Top 40 hit in just over a year... Following 'Rise To The Occasion', 'Love Changes Everything', 'This Is Me' and 'I Won't Bleed For You', 'Love Like A River' made No. 22 in January 1989.
The second of the two tracks missing from the official Spotify playlist, this forgotten single between the duo's two albums proved to be their last Top 40 hit.

I've heard this track a few times now and I'm still none the wiser as to how love resembles a river, although like many songs about rivers it has some session gospel singers; I'm not sure of the connection but I suppose everybody really wants to recapture 'Take Me To The River'. Climie Fisher sound like what they were, a couple of jobbing session musicians who got lucky for a while, and this is when the luck started to run out.

Also appearing on: Now 11, 12
Available on: Love Like A River

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