Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Natalie Cole 'I Live For Your Love'

Chart Peak: 23 [86 in 1987]
Became her 4th Top 40 hit in the last year making No. 23 in January 1989... Following 'Pink Cadillac', 'Everlasting' and 'Jump Start' into the chart.
I'm quite surprised to note that this was a bigger hit than the latter two mentioned in the sleeve note, because I remember both of those and I don't remember this at all. Admittedly, its chart performance may have been helped by charting at the turn of the year (when there are fewer releases just after Christmas) and Valentine's Day, but it's still odd. I do give myself the excuse that this isn't a very memorable song, though, a rather wishy-washy ballad that's presumably been classed here as a "soul" track to fit in with some of the rest of Side Three. Even the chorus seems a bit unfinished, like it's about to go somewhere and doesn't. In a word, frustrating.

Also appearing on: Everlasting
Available on: Now 12, 15

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