Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Lovin' Spoonful 'Daydream'

Chart Peak: 2
The first of two Summer Hits from John, Zal, Steve and Joe, 'Daydream' made No.2 in Britain and America in May 1966.
Strange but true, there are two Lovin' Spoonful songs out of the 30 on this album and they're right next to each other. The way the sleevenotes are phrased seems to imply that they were written before the album was sequenced, don't they?

Anyway, of the two big Spoonful hits this is the one I remember hearing more of when I was a kid, possibly because it was a slightly bigger hit but I suspect more because it doesn't have a title that ties it into one season and so got the lion's share of airplay as an oldie. That said, I haven't heard it for a long time.

The trouble with this song is that it seems a bit too determinedly laid-back, almost aggressively relaxed. Obviously, this is partly because it's really about smoking various substances, but also it seems to be one of those examples of people who are just a bit too insistent that you chill out and relax as if it turns into a sort of inverse macho contest. I'm a pretty relaxed - or, some might say, lazy - person generally, but there's nothing less relaxing than being told to take it easy, man. I guess this is trying to do something similar to 'Groovin' at the top of the album, but it doesn't quite convince me, though it's not unpleasant. At least it's nowhere near as annoying as their other Top 40 single, 'Nashville Cats'.

Available on: Very Best Of The Lovin' Spoonful

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