Wednesday, 18 June 2014

KC & The Sunshine Band 'Give It Up'

Chart Peak: 1
The 10th Top 40 Hit became the first British No. 1 for KC (Harry Casey) in Augsut 1983. It spent 3 weeks on top of the chart. Despite his 5 US No. 1 singles, 'Give It Up' was not a Hit in America until the following year.
This one takes us right the way back to Now 1, and the sixth song I ever wrote about on here. In the US, it was clearly a victim of the backlash against disco acts, although with hindsight it's not exactly a disco song. It may also have suffered from the falling out between KC and the act's other founding member, Richard Finch: this track was recorded before the split but released afterwards, and only made the US chart when re-issued as a KC solo track. Although it was a major comeback hit in itself, he/they never had another Top 40 hit on either side of the Atlantic and drifted into retirement by the mid-80s. At least the compensation is this one mega-hit, still a wedding DJ and radio favourite over here and presumably a big money-spinner. It isn't and never has been cool but the combination of those burbling synths and the marching band-like call and response from the brass and woodwind arrangements is hard to argue with.

Available on: The Original Hit Recording - Give it up

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