Monday, 30 June 2014

Jerry Keller 'Here Comes Summer'

Chart Peak: 1
This was Jerry's only Hit in Britain. It was No. 1 for one week in October (!) 1959 and he wrote the song himself.
Another out-of-time summer hit to close out the album, and needless to say a song called 'Here Comes Summer' should have been a hit even earlier than most summer songs. Perhaps people were looking forward to the summer of 1960? Timing aside, this is actually rather a nice example of the kind of light pop that emerged in the gap between the initial rock and roll era and the sixties beat groups. It doesn't have the same sort of bite or wit as 'Summertime Blues' but it has an easy-going charm and just the merest hint of sauciness as he boasts that double-features at the drive-in give him an opportunity to spend more time with the lady who "makes my flat-top curl". I shan't comment on whether "if she's willing, we'll go steady right away" is meant to be euphemistic, but really it doesn't matter anyway. This is another shot of teenage optimism, well-produced and just the right length. It's a brilliant piece of sequencing too, strumming away in undemanding cheerfulness and ending just in time to leave you wanting more.

So, you may want to listen to the album again straight away, in which case time to plug the playlists again: Spotify and Deezer, now featuring all the non-Beatles tracks for your chart-eligible pleasure. Secondhand copies of the album are available, possibly for less money than acquiring every track individually, and of course you can also obtain the 2014 Now That's What I Call Summer that led me to write these posts in the first place, I hope you enjoyed them.

Meanwhile, it'll probably be July by the time you read this, I'll be back soon with a main-series album.

Available on: The Very Best Of

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