Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Taffy 'I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)

Chart Peak: 6

Charted at No. 63 on 6th January, had reached No. 6 by 10th February. Taffy's real name is Kathy Quaye.
Another act generally recognised as a one-hit-wonder, although unlike Steve "Silk" Hurley, Taffy did at least manage a second Top 75 single. This isn't a song I remember from the time, and it's a fairly forgettable Italo-pop hit of the sort that was soon to be overtaken by house music. Kathy Quaye herself is probably British (though some sources claim her as American) but the track was written and produced by Italians; the stage name supposedly derives from a failed attempt to pronounce her real name. Of course, writing a song about how much you love radio to flatter your way to airplay is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and there are many other examples in the Now series. 'I Love My Radio' is most notable for the fact that a special UK radio edit was produced to replace "my midnight radio" with "my deejay's radio" due to the lack of all-night broadcasting in mid-eighties Britain. Perhaps they were worried that it would be seen as advocating pirate radio or something? I suppose it's of some mild linguistic interest that they ended up with the lyric "I love my radio, my deejay's radio", a phrase that a native English speaker probably wouldn't have coined, but I'm clutching at straws to try and make this sound interesting. It's an enjoyable bit of pop fluff, but no more, and anything but memorable.

Available on: I Love My Radio

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