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Communards 'So Cold The Night'

Chart Peak: 8

Charted at No. 26 on 25th November 1986, had made No. 8 by 16th December. It was the follow-up to 'Don't Leave me This Way', the best-selling single of 1986. For the original version of 'You Are My World' check out Now 6!
That reference is of course because a remixed version of 'You Are My World' was released in early 1987 off the back of their breakthrough success. It didn't do that well, though, and 'So Cold The Night' remains the duo's only self-penned Top 10 hit. It still feels a bit like a cover version though. It doesn't resemble any particular song I know of (the falsetto vocal and parts of the melody faintly resemble 'What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend' by the Special AKA, but not that much); however, the writing doesn't quite seem of a piece with the prevailing style of the time. Even the title is intentionally old-fashioned, and it's a song of longing of a kind you didn't often hear in this era, especially not combined with the rather voyeuristic lyrics that begin and end the song with our protagonist spying on the object of his "affections". At least Jimmy Somerville's vocal brings a vulnerability to the song that makes it sound as much pathetic as threatening.

Again, the track isn't greatly helped by the production, with what's presumably meant to be an exotic Middle-Eastern melody played on synths that make it sound like a cheap home organ. In fact, I just listened to the start of a karaoke version on Spotify and if anything it's actually better-produced than the original. Protip: do not attempt to sing this song at karaoke unless you're Jimmy Somerville. Still, it's at least more distinctive than Curiosity.

Also appearing on: Now 6, 8, 10, 12
Available on: The Collection

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