Thursday, 18 July 2013

Five Star 'Stay Out Of My Life'

Chart Peak: 9


Charted at No. 24 on 3rd February, had reached No. 9 by 17th February. It is their first hit of 1987 after five successful singles in 1986.

And straight on to the second song I don't remember, though I'm more confident I would have heard it at the time. I remember the seemingly endless run of hits Five Star scored in the second half of the decade, and I'm often surprised how few of the actual songs seem familiar. 'Stay Out Of My Life' isn't one of them, but it does have the distinction of being the only one of their six Top 10 hits written by one of the Pearson siblings (Denise, or Deniece as she was credited at the time). It's also their only appearance in the Now series, and no it's not the one you'd have guessed at all, is it?

What strikes me about the song now is how Jackson-like it is. Obviously, it's no great revelation that Buster Pearson was inspired by the Jackson family to turn his own children into a group, although Five Star obviously included the girls as well as the boys. The style of this track though seems to have kept pace with what Michael and Janet Jackson were doing into the 80s though, and Denise/Deniece has a remarkably Michael-like voice too. Apparently she has subsequently appeared in the Thriller musical. The song's a bit ho-hum though not as poor as I feared.

Available on: The Greatest Hits

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