Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thompson Twins 'You Take Me Up'

Chart Peak: 2


Second of the trio's three appearances in the series, though actually their latest song to show up as this song was a hit after 'Doctor Doctor', which appears on Now 4. Unfortunately, we leave them just as they're hinting at becoming interesting then, as the intro hints at a slightly more imaginative arrangement with harmonica and melodica laid over the insistent beat. Things revert to type a bit more once Tom Bailey's vocal starts and we're back into the realms of silly songs sung seriously, although unlike 'Hold Me Now's endless milking of the chorus this one keeps you waiting quite a while. Even when the chorus does arrive it doesn't quite seem to fit with the verses, although it's OK in its own right, and could possibly have done with a more expressive singer than Bailey. I'm sure I remember it showing up in a coffee advert at some point, though a long time on YouTube when I should have been writing this post turned up nothing.

Peaking at 2, this represented the peak of their commercial success although Bailey and his then-partner Allanah Currie kept the band going into the 1990s. She later married one of the KLF.

Also appearing on: Now 2, 4
Available on: Love, Lies And Other Strange Things: Greatest Hits

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