Friday, 5 April 2013

Propaganda 'Dr Mabuse'

Chart Peak: 27


As we get deeper into the second disc, some smaller hits seem to sneak in. The very high-concept debut single from the German electronic pop act was a Top 10 hit in West Germany but failed to match that level of success over here, allegedly because their label ZTT had to concentrate its promotional resources on Frankie Goes To Hollywood. This is apparently also why it took more than a year for a second single to emerge, the genuinely impressive 'Duel' (which would have been a nice addition to Now 6). By that point, though, there were already tensions within the band due to an allegedly unfair record contract and the fact that lead singer Claudia Brucken's husband at the time, Paul Morley, was a co-owner of the label.

I'm sure this track is very clever, and it works well as an excuse for a video based on the Fritz Lang silent movies that made the Mabuse character famous. But listening to it without the benefit of all the pretentious extra-musical, I frankly find myself waiting for the tune to start. Probably the most disappointing track yet.

Available on: Noise And Girls Come Out To Play / A Compact Introduction To Propaganda

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