Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Flying Pickets 'When You're Young And In Love'

Chart Peak: 7


Another song with potentially topical connotations this week, but you'll be pleased to know I'm going to ignore those entirely, not least because I don't think they were really relevant to the success of the single at the time. The second-ever a capella track to appear on a Now! album, it's the follow-up to the first, the 1983 Christmas Number One 'Only You'. Whilst some of the other tracks on their track were similarly daring choices musically (eg 'Psycho Killer' or 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling') and one or two hinted at the group's political origins, the actual second single was a fairly conservative [with a small "c"!] selection, a cover of a song originally recorded by 1960s vocal group Ruby & The Romantics and previously a US hit for both the Marvelettes and Frankie Valli. It's a nice little song, written by Van Mccoy, and this is a good rendition of it but the effect is pleasant rather than important.

Also appearing on: Now 2
Available on: Lost Boys

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