Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Communards 'You're My World'

Chart Peak: 30


The first single from ex-Bronski Beat singer Jimmy Somerville and Richard Coles. 'You Are My World' entered the Top 40 in late October.
Although there were only two Now albums in 1985, with but thirty tracks between them, a lot of fairly minor hits seem to have crept in. In this case, one presumes that Somerville's past success suggested this would follow suit - but for a while it looked like Now had backed the wrong horse, as the first single by the new line-up of Bronski Beat was the Top 3 hit 'Hit That Perfect Beat', whilst this struggled to make even the top 30. The race isn't always to the swift of course, and the Communards went on to enjoy the biggest-selling single of 1986; even this song did slightly better in remixed form in 1987, though still not a Top 20 hit.

I guess you could see this debut single as an attempt to set out the duo's stall, combining the high-NRG dance music we already expected from Somerville (and of course his distinctive voice) with classically-trained pianist Coles. Curiously, it lacks the obvious political edge of a lot of their previous and subsequent work and if I'm honest there's something slightly half-baked about it which might account for the underwhelming chart performance. Knowing they could do better, I'm slightly underwhelmed.

I don't know for sure whether Coles is the only member of an act on Now 6 to have become ordained as a priest, but I'm fairly confident he's the only one who's had a conversation with my Mum on Twitter. He seems a nice chap. If you're reading this, Rev, sorry I don't like your song more.

Also appearing on: Now 8. 9, 10, 12
Available on: Communards

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