Monday, 3 September 2012

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 'Lost Weekend'

Chart Peak: 17


The follow-up to 'Brand New Friend', which was the group's first Top 20 single, is this track 'Lost Weekend'. It charted at Number 37 in early November after just one week on release.
It's not actually a deliberate joke that a post about a song called 'Lost Weekend' should have been done on Friday or Saturday night and now arrives on a Monday. I've just been struggling a little on this one because it's the best track we've had for a while and deserves a good write-up, but doesn't have that many great distinguishing features. In fact, I have no memory of hearing this at all during the 1980s and recall growing up with the distinct impression that Lloyd Cole was a pseud. Indeed, he still seems to be one, though the declining fortunes of his career do seem to have humbled him somewhat and made him more likable.

Even during his mid-80s pomp though, there's little denying that he and his band came up with some good pop songs, and this second and final Top 20 hit is possibly the best of them. Like the Madness track, it was produced by Langer & Winstanley: the band themselves apparently weren't keen on the idea but it works on this track by setting the wisecracking Cole against a fairly jaunty sound, it seems to add the right level irony as well as distracting attention from his less-than stellar single. It's not wholly surprising that bassist and co-writer Lawrence Donegan had once been a member of the Bluebells, in some ways this seems closer to them than the sort of record Cole would have intended.

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