Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mai Tai 'Body And Soul'

Chart Peak: 9

The follow-up to 'History' gave Mai Tai their 2nd British Top 10 single of 1985 when it reached No. 9 in September.
Quick Youtube note: of the two TotP performances on there I chose the one introduced by John Peel and Janice Long rather than the one with Steve Wright and Mike Read. Well, you would wouldn't you? The sound quality's not great though, so feel free to check out this CD-sourced version if you prefer.

'History' seems to be the better-known song now, but it's 'Body and Soul' that I remember from the time. Mostly I remember hearing that lyric "I need your love tonight not just your hand to hold" and having an idea it was sort of rude but not really being old enough to understand. Listened to now, though, this obviously isn't as good a song as their previous hit. The production makes it sound awfully samey too. Not unpleasant to hear but it wouldn't have been a loss never to hear it either.

Also appearing on: Now 5
Available on: Mai Tai

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