Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald 'On My Own'

Chart Peak: 2


'On My Own' charted at No. 19 on 29th April and had sped to No. 2 by 13th May. Patti and Michael were kept in the runner-up spot for three weeks by 'The Chicken Song'
I was all set to put the "from the movies" tag on this entry until I went to look up exactly which film it was from, and found out it wasn't actually in one at all. I'd always thought it was but I suppose it just sounds like the sort of track that would be used in a mid-80s movie. Apparently the song was previously recorded for, but omitted from, a Dionne Warwick album.

It's fair to say, I think, that the big revival of Burt Bacharach's reputation about ten years ago was not centred on this song, but he did indeed write it alongside his then-wife Carole Bayer Sager; they later divorced, which is ironically appropriate given the song's subject matter. Perhaps it could be argued that this song does provide a convincing portrayal of the despondent atmosphere after a failed relationship: but if so it achieves that largely by being dull and unemotive. Indeed, even the production team seem to lose interest in the song and fade it out at a seemingly arbitrary point while they're still singing.

It makes for an underwhelming end to an album that actually started quite well: the first disc was generally quite good but Side Four is almost a total washout.
If you want to draw your own conclusions, here's my usual embed:

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Next album starts in August.

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