Monday, 19 April 2010

Perpetual Motion 'Keep On Dancin' (Let's Go)'

Chart Peak: 12


Another "massive club tune" which "crossed over to the national chart". I didn't recognise it at all by name, but as soon as I listened to it the insistent little piano hook was instantly familiar (I'm assuming it's not sampled from anything else). I must have heard this at least three times while it was in the Top 40, and probably not paid very much attention. Indeed, the sleeve notes, not usually given to understatement or faint praise, explain that it "reached a very respectable No 12", which seems to sum it up rather well; it had moderate rather than massive impact on the mainstream but obviously did the business for clubbers themselves.

And that's not necessarily a problem, because this has enough energy to make sense in its own terms, although it's slightly odd that MC Raw gets a namecheck and co-writing credit for the lyric "Let's go!". It's not a record that crosses over to me so far as to make me love it, but it's more appealing than a lot of the dance tracks I find myself writing about.

Available on: Greatest Hits of Dance

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