Saturday, 24 April 2010

Los Umbrellos 'No Tengo Dinero'

Chart Peak: 33

The Mysterious Los Umbrellos are due to release their Euro summer anthem 'No Tengo Dinero' on 31st August 1998... They are Al Agami, Grith Hojfeldt and Stine Kinch
Yes, apparently they're so mysterious their names are reproduced in the sleeve note. And there's a photo of the single cover, which includes some people who might or might not be in the band. That probably represents as much as most people want to know about Los Umbrellos, although if it really doesn't satiate your appetite I can also tell you they were from Denmark.

Their origins notwithstanding, their only UK hit is in English and Spanish, and seems an effort to combine the Latin sound that was really big the following year with Shaggy-style pop-reggae (it even includes the word "punani", which might have been a problem had more people heard the record. Whilst it can't honestly be described as good, I didn't think this was any worse than a lot of other novelty hits that summer, and was mildly surprised to see it become so much less successful than most of them.

And with that, Now 40 is finally over. The second disc goes some way to making up for the rotten first one, but this must still rank among the weakest in the series. I'm sure it could have been better too.

Next month we'll be back in the 1980s. Let's hope the standards pick up a bit.

Available on: 50 Stærke Danske Hits (Vol. 4)

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