Thursday, 22 April 2010

Adam Garcia 'Night Fever'

Chart Peak: 15


We're almost back where we started here, with a song from the other big musical movie of the late 1970s. Garcia played the lead in the recently-open stage musical of the story, and the almost-title track was picked out here as a single from the cast recording (coincidentally, the original was the only Number One the Bee Gees managed off the soundtrack). Presumably in order to stay in character, he doesn't attempt to replicate a Gibb-style falsetto, but unfortunately that turns out to be the most distinctive element of the song. The immaculate disco sound of the original is also replaced by a generic late-90s boyband style production: admittedly, I don't know whether this was remixed specifically for single release, but if that was how it sounded on stage it certainly doesn't convey the era to me at all. It feels rather out of place and doesn't make much sense here.

Available on: Saturday Night Fever

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