Thursday, 5 December 2013

Iglu & Hartly 'In This City'

Chart Peak: 5


West Coast beach bums Iglu & Hartly scored a Top 5 debut UK hit with the anthemic 'In This City' in late September... With over 200 live shows under their belt, the band are currently spreading their magic on tour in the UK and Europe
After Noah and the Whale I should probably never say never about one-hit wonders, but these guys seem pretty dedicated to the cause, having seemingly not even bothered with a follow-up single. There certainly hasn't been a second album or anything. Though obviously Americans themselves, the group seem to have attracted attention and a record deal in the UK - indeed this song seems only to have been a hit here and in Ireland. It feels more Californian - in fact what it resembles most is a less funky Red Hot Chili Peppers. And when I say "less funky" I mean that in both senses - the style is different, with more of an 80s synth-pop feel; and it's less good than RHCP, a group I'm not that fond of but who are obviously skilled. What we're left with is a lot of beery people singing out of tune and some half-baked rapping. The best I can say for this is that one of them looks a bit like Mickey Dolenz, which reminds me that the Monkees made some good records.

So I'm not too disappointed about the lack of successful follow-ups to this, but they did get to meet the Vengaboys. More bum than beach, frankly.

Available on: And Then Boom [Explicit]

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