Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Guru Josh Project 'Infinity 2008'

Chart Peak: 3 [original version: 5 in 1990]
The Guru Josh Project was formed in early 2008 by three guys who who all have a love and passion for electronic music and old school 90s rave - they are Guru Josh himself, DJ and producer Darren Bailie and fellow producer Snakebyte... 'Infinity' was originally a Top 5 hit for Guru Josh back in 1990, this new version raced into the UK chart Top 3 in October 2008
I'm sure that's not meant to sound like Guru Josh just got a project together to celebrate how great he was, but it sort of does, especially since the Project disbanded after this one single. Though it didn't make a Now album, the original 'Infinity' was a big crossover hit in its day, even inspiring the following ad-lib rap by DJ Pat Sharp:
"Oh golly, oh gosh, it's Guru Josh
He isn't very posh
But he's making mucho dosh"
At least, I hope that was an ad-lib, the possibility that he might have written that in advance is almost as pathetic as the fact that I remembered it word-for-word after 23 years. In all honesty, the track seems a bit like a cheap version of 808 State's 'Pacific State', which has a similar saxophone hook. Its other distinctive feature was the lyric "1990s... time for the Guru", which proved a little on the optimistic side given his complete absence from the chart between 1991 and 1999. The Klaas Vocal Edit featured here removes that for obvious reasons but adds the similarly awful claim that "a freak like me, just needs infinity". Good job he's not being greedy or anything. Mind you, the release of this poor remix of a less than brilliant original suggests the self-proclaimed Guru hadn't made much dosh after all.

Available on: The Zest Workout Mix Vol. 1

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