Wednesday, 25 September 2013

OMD 'Sailing The Seven Seas'

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I have to admit I've not been giving as much time to this album as I'd expected. Partly that's for practical reasons but also I find that the music isn't catching my attention so much - South Africans seem to have been subjected to the very blandest music Britain had to offer in the early 1990s. OMD were, by now, past the inventive stage they seem now to be trying to revive, and were now a just a vehicle for Andy McCluskey to release the sort of yuppie pop he'd later try to sell on to other acts. Unfortunately, in keeping with the times even the potentially interesting parts of the track (the unusual rhythm, the slightly nautical countermelody) are buried in the production to avoid waking up the listener.

Possibly the most interesting thing I can say is that the word "on" from the song title seems not to have made it to SA.

Available on: Pure 90s Pop

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