Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Boy George 'Bow Down Mister'

Chart Peak:

Another act who might not have been that keen to have his music released in South Africa before this point. And yes, if this looks odd to you it's because the record was originally credited to the (confusing) band name Jesus Loves You in the UK and Europe; though since George appears in the video (he doesn't look like he's all there, I know) it's hardly anonymous.

If the record sounds odd to you, that's because it is. Aside from the vaguely electronic bit at the end, it sounds like the sort of thing an enterprising producer would have got some session musicians to record as a cash-in on the success of 'My Sweet Lord' - it sounds like  it was written by somebody who'd read an article about Hinduism several years earlier and was slightly hazy on certain details, although in reality George had apparently been dabbling in the religion at this point. And yet he still found himself singing "If you do not take a vow/You can eat the sacred cow/You'll get karma anyhow." I can't really imagine what they made of all this in South Africa but apparently it made enough of an impression to get on here.

Available on: At Worst...The Best Of Boy George And Culture Club

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