Thursday, 16 August 2012

Level 42 'Something About You'

Chart Peak: 6


Their biggest hit single to date, 'Something About You' had reached No. 9 by late October. It is Level 42's 11th Top 50 hit in Britain.
A couple of warnings about that YouTube link: I'm not sure it's playing at quite the right speed. And it features Mark King as a creepy relationship-wrecking vaudeville clown.
That tally of Top 50 hits is actually quite revealing: their early chart career is full of singles peaking between 1 and 49. I don't think they even dispute that at some point the record company suggested they rethink their musical approach along more commercially viable lines: a slight reworking of their original jazz-funk sound gave them a first Top 10 hit with 'The Sun Goes Down', and this second one moves even further away from the realms of jazz into vaguely soul-oriented (if not especially soulful) pop. It's catchy and slick, like a less dreadful version of Maroon 5, and it sounds good on the radio but nothing to get passionate about.

Also appearing on: Now 4, 7, 10, 13, 14
Available on: Something About You - The Best Of

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