Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Shaggy 'Boombastic'

Chart Peak: 1 (1 week)


Over the last couple of weeks as I've written laudatory posts about Pulp, Radiohead, Coolio et al, I've been slightly worried about the possibility that I might come over as interested only in music considered "cool" by a certain group of people. Not that I feel any need to excuse my own musical tastes, but I try not to look like too much of a snob.

It's good timing that this turns up now, a record that can hardly be accused of trying to be cool. Shaggy had seemed a one-hit wonder (at least in the UK) after struggling to follow up 1993's chart-topper 'Oh Carolina', but finally returned to the Top 10 in the summer of 1995 with a version of 'In The Summertime' that wasn't actually all that good if I remember rightly. Still, it helped re-establish him an pave the way for this follow-up. I remember a lot of anticpation for the release, after this advert hardly ever seemed to be off MTV over the summer, and suddenly it wasn't surprising to see him enjoying his second Number One single.

Had it not arrived some time into his career, 'Boombastic' could almost have been a theme tune for Shaggy, as it seems to define his outlandish persona to a T. He completely owns the song, using every opportunity to play up. Generally speaking, swagger isn't something I especially prize in pop, and I don't really like much else that Shaggy's done. But this one just hits the right spot and is the definitive example of his good-time pop, just about naughty enough to be nice. Just steer clear of the Marvin-Gaye sampling remix in the official YouTube upload

Also appearing on: Now 24, 31 [with Rayvon], 33 [with Grand Puba], 34 [with Maxi Priest], 48 [with Rikrok], 51 [with Ali G]
Available on: The Best of Shaggy Vol.1: Mr. Lover Lover

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