Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bloodhound Gang 'The Bad Touch'

Chart Peak: 4


Jimmy Pop, frontman of America's foremost politically un-correct band, The Bloodhound Gang, raps, composes, samples things "no one else would want to" and writes the "fifth grade lyrics"... Bassist Evil Jared Hasselhoff is renowned for his on-stage antics - particularly allowing audience members to throw darts into his back for a prize!
They don't specify what the prize is, but surely injuring a member of the Bloodhound Gang would be reward enough?
I'd never actually seen that video in full before. I suppose the best thing you can say for it is that there's no animal cruelty in it, except possibly to the worms. It also seems to use a slightly different mix from the one released in the UK, which is slightly more electronic; the version heard here also leaves in the phrase "doggy style". It arrived here almost exactly a year after the original US release, which would explain why Eminem was able to drop a reference to the song into his own chart-topper 'The Real Slim Shady' even whilst this was still in the Top 40. Admittedly once 'The Bad Touch' did come out it had a relatively lengthy run by turn-of-the-century standards, rattling up and down the Top 10 for eight straight weeks, though in truth it declined steadily in actual sales, merely being buffeted by the movement of everything else in the chart: still, even that sort of stability was a major success at the time.

Twelve years on though it remains mysterious to me. In mitigation, the lyrics are crude but they don't go as far down the "politically un-correct" (a politically correct euphemism for sexist) road as some of the other songs, in sound only it's more stupid and irritating than truly offensive but it still feels like one of those parties where most of the people are only pretending to be enjoying themselves so they can fit in.

Available on: Hooray For Boobies

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