Saturday, 12 December 2009

Undercover 'Never Let Her Slip Away'

Chart Peak: 5


Follow-up to the not-very-good dance version of 'Baker Street' that was kept from topping the chart by The Shamen. I don't know whether they were originally going to be a one-off project and only continued because the first hit had been so big, but either way there was never going to be an original song. Wisely, Pete Waterman settled on Andrew Gold's 'Never Let Her Slip Away', a Top 5 hit in 1978 (at the same time as the original 'Baker Street' indeed) but probably somewhat forgotten by 1992; I certainly didn't recognise it when I heard this version.

Any praise I have for the song choice is just recognition of the commercial nous though. Now that I've lived long enough to hear the music of Andrew Gold, I can't stand it and this is a decidedly joyless rendition. At least they didn't do 'Lonely Boy' I suppose. Although there was only to be one more hit ('I Wanna Stay With You', which was in a bold new direction a cover of a song from 1976) they did manage to build another connection with The Farm by returning in 2004 with a tacky football record, 'Viva England'.

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  1. hi chris brown,
    thanks posting this. i almost forgot about this group existence. btw, i'm looking for this group that did a cover version of Little River Band's Reminiscing (it's not Madison Avenue) somewhere in 92 - 95. they sounded like Take That. do you have any idea what's the group's name? thnks